January and February I went to a few classic old timey joints in Florida

Stans Subs, Bonita Springs Florida

Since 1972, this tiny, take out only spot does magic.

A super sub from Stans Subs. A sub masterpiece..

26880 Old 41 Road, Bonita Springs; 239-992-9973

The Bubble room, Captiva, Florida

Since 1979, this Kitch masterpiece has turned out food with punny names and giant desserts, the most famous of which is the orange crunch cake.  All entrees come with bubble bread, which is 2 types of bread-Monkey bread, which are gnarled cinnamon rolls, and cheese bread where the cheese is held on by garlic mayonaise.  They also gives salad, one of which is has pepperoni on it.  Also, one option for a side dish is a cheese stuffed tomato which has a giant homemade potato chip in it.

The outside of the Bubble Room

Bubble Bread from the Bubble Room
Three Musketeers 3 scallops, 3 shrimp and 3 crab stuffed mushrooms sautéed in scampi butter sauce.
orange Crunch Cake

the house salad which is topped with Pepperoni

Beefy King, Orlando, Florida

Regular Roast Beef From Beefy King Orlando with Horsey Sauce

Lindas La Cantina, Orlando, Florida

Mini Surf and Turf
Rib Eye with a side of Spaghetti

Hot Dog Heaven, Orlando, Florida

Dixie Crossroads, Titusville, Florida

They invented the process to split rock shrimp, which look like tiny Florida lobsters, in half to make them commercially viable.  They serve them like tiny lobster tails with the seasoning of your choice.  Open since 1983, all their seafood is top notch.

Amazing crab cake! Only Ten bucks as of this writing in 2020
Corn Fritters. Free when you sit down

A dozen Rock Shrimp.

O’Steens Restaurant, St. Augustine, Florida

Since 1965, this restaurant has been frying shrimp perfectly and serving it with a dipping sauce with Datil peppers, which came over from Spain.  They also have a thicker Datil pepper sauce in Grolsch bottles and a Minorcan Clam Chowder that has the same pepper.  It packs a whallop.

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