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Day Trip to Midwood and Gravesend

Its almost a crime that after living in New York City for decades, I had never eaten at the famous Di Fara Pizza.  The week after Greek Easter I finally tried to go, only to find it “Closed For Easter”.

Instead I would up at a place that was named one of the best Falafels in New York, one subway stop away.

Falafel Tanami is your typical quick service Middle Eastern joint.  I got a falafel sandwich with hummous and hot sauce and it was delicious.  In Covid time they have a semi enclosed outdoor eating area.  They also have the Sabbich which fried eggplant and egg.  They have a garlic sauce worth getting as well.

Tanami Falafel

Tanami Menu

I also stopped at International Foods and got some Russian Stuffed breads filled with meat and lamb.  This Avenue J location has a strange surcharge though.  You may want to make it out further to another location to avoid it.

International Foods

Some of the pastries,

A few weeks later I tried again and finally got my slice.  I added sausage and few minutes later I was finally enjoying it.  It was thin and tasty and the sauce wasn’t too acidic which is a good thing.  I got a Grandma slice to go as well.

Regular slice with Sausage

Grandma Slice

Since I was out in Brooklyn I decided to hop on the train and get a sandwich from Brennan and Carr.  Brennan and Carr are famous for a roast beef sandwich similar to a french dip, but on a round roll.  They are dipped in the broth and you can get light, double dip or wet which is knife and fork material. I ordered from the basic take out window in the charming building but if you sit inside, the waiters are decked out in white smocks like it is a fancy restaurant.  I would recommended eating inside and having a beer or two.  I didn’t get it this time but they also have a burger topped with roast beef called the gargiulo burger. Both the sandwich and burger in 2022 are still less than ten bucks.

Brennan and Carr

Takeout window

Brennan and Carr is about a 20 minute walk for a New Yorker from the Subway.  I ran across a few places I will have to come back for, Safirs cafe, famous for baklava and a pork store called G and S.

Safir, known for Baklava

G and S

I DID stop at a bakery with a lot of rules, Vitos.  Mask required, cash only, no pictures.  They have only a few combo sandwiches but they will make you what you would like.  I got a mortadella with provolone and they finely sliced iceberg and onions, italian dressing with balsamic, salt and pepper.  It was tasty and the bread was great.  You get your choice of bakery bread.

They also had amazing Rugulach!  I’ve been on a quest for decent rugulach which is really lacking in New York City.  This was apricot and was perfect.   Rugulach is an Eastern European pastry commonly associated with Jewish bakeries and made with butter and cream cheese, flour, sugar, cinnamon and usually nuts.  I’ve tried it from famous italian bakeries in New York and they miss the mark.  Vitos was great.

Apricot Rugalach

I grabbed a black and white cookie, Eclair and a proscuitto bread.   All were good.

B/W Cookie

Chocolate Eclaire

Small Proscuitto bread

This was  great foodie trip to make!




Falafel Tanami-1305 E 17th St, Brooklyn, NY 11230

Di Fara Pizza-1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY 11230-Noon to Eight, Closed Monday, Takeout Only, No Bathroom

International Food-1506 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY 11230

Brennan & Carr-3432 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11229

Vito’s Bakery & Grocery-1916 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11229

Safir Bakery & Cafe-2724 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11229

Colorado Fooding and Travels

Trashy Travel visited Colorado in October 2021.  Here are the highlights-

Due to flight delays, my first meal was at the Cherry Cricket, who have an infinite number of burgers and combinations including other meats like Bison.

I got a green chili topped cheeseburger . Great bun, tasty burger.

The next day we went to Bud’s Bar in Sedalia, CO.

Buds has a mind blowing never frozen burger that is fantastic.  Its on many best of lists in the State.  They have no fryer so the burger is served with a bag of chips.  Full bar though.


After the burger, we headed to Manitou Springs to visit the totally free and mindblowing Garden of the Gods.

Not far from the Garden of the Gods is the Manitou Springs Penny Arcade.  It’s  a great collection of Arcade games, some of them over a hundred years old!

After the Arcade, we headed to Cy’s Drive In.   

I got the Alaska burger, which is a  essentially a big mac.   Onion Rings were perfection.

The next Day I hit Davies Chuck Wagon Diner, a classic diner with a great sign!

A short ride away is Boulder, Colorado.  The Mork and Mindy house still stands there and I had to visit. Its a very short walk to a charming downtown with a classic deco theater too.

On that walk is The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, a restaurant brought over in pieces from overseas.  Not far from there is also Mustard’s Last Stand, a Chicago style dog house.

A quick drive back to Denver and I had the best dish of my trip at Tamales by La Casita.

I got a Tamale Platter, one red and one green smothered in green chili and served with refried beans and a tortilla.  This was pure heaven.

Later that night, I ran across a man who sells burritos his Wife makes at a number of bars in Denver.  Two for five dollars and they were delicious.

The next day, my friends and I went to El Taco de México for more green chile and some tacos.  I got Al Pastor and Chorizo.  I made the error of getting the “Large” green chile and you can see how it dwarfs the tacos.  Way too much for one person. It was the size of a bowl of Pho.  Quite delicious though.

Later that night, we hit Bastiens, home of the “Sugar Steak”, which is essentially a blackened steak but omitting the spice of the blackening seasoning.

I got a ten ounce NY strip with the sugar seasoning for a small upcharge.  It includes potato and Veg. I got the awesome twice baked potato.  Always get this classic if its on a menu!

Another small 4 dollar upcharge gives these amazing mushrooms sauteed in Worcestshire sauce.  Yum!

My last day I went to My Brothers Bar (thats the name) which is said to be the Oldest bar in Denver.  I got a “Side” of chili, awesome onion rings and the “Jonny Burger”, topped with  Jalapeño Cream Cheese, American Cheese, Swiss Cheese and Grilled Onions.  They serve it with a tray of Pickles, Pepperocini and raw onion.

The Jonny burger was Mindblowing!  Must eat!

Finally at the otherwise HORRIBLE Denver airport, the last Chance green chili at Mesa Verde.  It rivals the others in town.

And that was this trip.   Hope you have your own trashy travel adventures!

Florida Fooding

January and February I went to a few classic old timey joints in Florida


Stans Subs, Bonita Springs Florida

Since 1972, this tiny, take out only spot does magic.

A super sub from Stans Subs. A sub masterpiece..

26880 Old 41 Road, Bonita Springs; 239-992-9973


The Bubble room, Captiva, Florida

Since 1979, this Kitch masterpiece has turned out food with punny names and giant desserts, the most famous of which is the orange crunch cake.  All entrees come with bubble bread, which is 2 types of bread-Monkey bread, which are gnarled cinnamon rolls, and cheese bread where the cheese is held on by garlic mayonaise.  They also gives salad, one of which is has pepperoni on it.  Also, one option for a side dish is a cheese stuffed tomato which has a giant homemade potato chip in it.

The outside of the Bubble Room

Bubble Bread from the Bubble Room

Three Musketeers 3 scallops, 3 shrimp and 3 crab stuffed mushrooms sautéed in scampi butter sauce.

orange Crunch Cake

the house salad which is topped with Pepperoni


Beefy King, Orlando, Florida

Regular Roast Beef From Beefy King Orlando with Horsey Sauce

Lindas La Cantina, Orlando, Florida


Mini Surf and Turf

Rib Eye with a side of Spaghetti





Hot Dog Heaven, Orlando, Florida


Dixie Crossroads, Titusville, Florida

They invented the process to split rock shrimp, which look like tiny Florida lobsters, in half to make them commercially viable.  They serve them like tiny lobster tails with the seasoning of your choice.  Open since 1983, all their seafood is top notch.

Amazing crab cake! Only Ten bucks as of this writing in 2020

Corn Fritters. Free when you sit down

A dozen Rock Shrimp.



O’Steens Restaurant, St. Augustine, Florida

Since 1965, this restaurant has been frying shrimp perfectly and serving it with a dipping sauce with Datil peppers, which came over from Spain.  They also have a thicker Datil pepper sauce in Grolsch bottles and a Minorcan Clam Chowder that has the same pepper.  It packs a whallop.

The San Diego Chicken Pie Shop

While this building isn't old, the restaurant itself is.  The original locations closed and moved, yet this masterpiece of Hearty food lives on, with prices from another decade.  The menu is starch, starch and starch with only delicious fresh cole slaw to break it up.  I had the meatloaf, while my friend had the specialty chicken pot pie.  Definately worth a trip.


The importance of calling Ahead.

I went up to visit a friend in Boston this week.  When I go there I usually make it a point to visit my favorite Chinese Restaurant in Cambridge, Mary Chungs.  Mary Chungs is home to my favorite dish in the whole wide world, Suan La Chow Show.  Here it is in its lovely splendor:

Beautiful, isn't it?  Lovely pillow like wontons, in a spicy, savory sauce, resting on delicate marinated beansprouts.  Delicious.  Some people also like their Dun Dun Noodles, though I am not a fan because I don't like peanuts in my food (though I love peanuts alone, go figure).  

Anyway, after dreaming of how my tasty Suan would dance on my tongue, we get there and find this:


We were very sad and wound up eating at an inferior place for lunch, but during lunch I saw on my phone that a place also in Central Square Cambridge also had on their menu Suan La Chow Show called Pu Pu Hot Pot, right across the street.  While I was eating I actually used my phone to order two of their Suans..  


So we get there and wait and get my order, which weighs a ton.   Turns out their version of the dish is coated in a brown gloppy sauce and covered in my hated aforementioned peanuts.  As you can see, theres no way around them.


The wontons underneath were okay, and there was actually one or two bites of some pickled vegetables they put under there that were faintly reminiscent of Mary Chungs dish, but it was really nothing like it and extremely disappointing.  

Even before I ate it, given the brick like quality of the bag, I was already disappointed and we were walking back by Mary Chungs.  Some guy rushes by us and tries the door and is shocked by the vacation notice as were were.  We said "yeah, the same thing happened to us."  He Said, "YEAH, BUT DID YOU DRIVE ALL THE WAY HERE FROM NEW YORK???!?!".  We were like, "No!  We took the Train here all the way from New York!".  Then I offered him a tin of the inferior Suan if he wanted it and he looked at us like we were Weirdos and walked away.

Make sure you call ahead to avoid disappoinment.  Mary Chungs will be reopened on August 15, 2012.

Oddly enough, This was not the first time this has happened to me!



Mario the Bakers-one of two reasons to visit Miami

One of the few things that makes me keep my sanity when I visit home in Miami, Mario the bakers used to have a classic stand alone restaurant on the West Dixie Highway, but has now moved to US1.  The Garlic Rolls, perhaps the best in the Universe remain Amazing, but now its in a shopping Mall.  Progress



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