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South Dakota

South Dakota
Above-Mount Rushmore and the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. Yes-its made of corn, well, decorated with it anyway.
The decorations change each year.

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Rapid City, SD

Record Store-
Ernie November, 1319 W.Main St., Rapid City, SD 57701

Sioux Falls SD

Record Store-
Ernie November, 1801 W.12th st., Sioux Falls SD 57104

Great Plains Coffee House & Gallery -1007 W 11 St - Sioux Falls, SD 605-339-7207

Hamburger inn-Yum.  Sliders! Aka mini burger a la White Castle. 111-1/2 E. 10th St. Sioux Falls, SD

Tripp, SD
Tripp Sports Bowl Café  210 S. Main St., Tripp, SD 605-935-6281-If you happen to find yourself in Tripp, you WILL eat at the bowling alley because it is the ONLY place to eat.  However, the Dakota Burger is actually not a burger at all.  Instead its a hot beef sandwich with slices of roast beef.  Mmmm.

Vermillion, SD

Record Store-
Uncle John Goes-108 E Main St, Vermillion, SD-605-624-3027

Wall, SD
Wall Drugstore.  Giant Mega drugstore with "free ice water" located of I-90.  A real funky tourist trap with great cheap diner food.


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