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South Carolina

South Carolina Tips
There is excellent regional food in the area.  Check out Dixie Dining, Roadfood, and the Wish you were here postcards at Epicurious for more.
Charleston, SC

Live Music-
Music Farm-32C Ann Street, Charleston, SC-843-722-8904
Tin Roof, 1117 Magnolia Rd, Charleston, SC 29407
(843) 571-0775-upscale dive bar

You can also find live music across the border in
Savannah, GA

Vendue Inn's rooftop bar and terrace (23 Vendue Range, Charleston; 803/723-0485). Meat market bar with views of the
harbor and historic buildings.

Record Store-
Manifest Disc and Tape, 946 Orleans Rd., Charleston, SC 29407

Hominy Grill (207 Rutledge Ave., Charleston; 803/937-0930; breakfast for two $10, dinner for two $30). Start the day with biscuits, country ham, and gravy.
"Cue" means pork smoked over hickory coals and drenched in spicy mustard sauce. Drop into Melvin's Southern Bar-B-Cue & Ribs (935 Houston Northcutt Blvd., Mount Pleasant; 803/881-0549;
dinner for two $20) to sample the Big Joe sandwich with Carolina Secret Sauce.
On the other side of Charleston, Melvin's brother Thomas serves his own pulled-pork version of the Big Joe sandwich at Bessinger's BBQ (1602 Savannah Hwy.; 843/556-1354; dinner for two $15).
The Stono Café (1956 Maybank Hwy., Charleston; 843/762-4478; cake for two $5), finish with a fluffy piece of Admonition, a homemade coconut cake that dates from the days when Carolina cooks hand-grated the fresh nutmeat.
Boulevard Diner in Mt. Pleasant-Address: 409 W Coleman Blvd, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464   (843) 216-2611, in an old dairy queen, crabcake sliders, fried pickles, and a chili "sundae"

Clemson, SC

Record Stores-
Manifest Disc and Tape, 362 College Ave., Clemson, SC 29631

Columbia, SC

The Free Weekly paper is
The Free Times.

Record Stores-
Manifest Disc and Tape, 1563-A Broad River Road., Columbia, SC 29210
Manifest Disc and Tape, 1932 Main St., Columbia, SC 29201

Live Music-
New Brookland Tavern & Restaurant -122 State St., West Columbia, SC (803) 791-4413-Touring indie bands play here, but its more heavy on hardcore
Speakeasy (711 Saluda Street - 803.255.0869) and Hunter Gatherer (900 Main Street ph: (803) 748-0540) showcase bands, more jazz but sometimes indie.  Hunter Gatherer has yummy food also and makes their own beer.

Art Bar, 1211 Park Street,
Columbia, South Carolina, , 803.929.0198

Called "the best place to dance, ever" by a hipster travel helper. (wed is indie night)

Myrtle Beach, SC
Myrtle Beach Pavillion Park Amusement Park 812 North Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Phone Number: (803) 448-6456

Another amusement park in Myrtle Beach-Family Kingdom Amusement Park-Address: South 3rd Avenue, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577  Phone Number: (843) 626-3447

This is not a joke.  The band Kiss has opened a kiss coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach. 
KISS COFFEEHOUSE, Broadway at the Beach
1320 Celebrity Circle #CS7, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Phone: (843) 626-KISS

Dillon, SC
If you have ever driven I-95 in the south you have seen it:  A wonderous place of kitch.  South of the Border can't be missed.  It even has a giant Neon sign pointing to it saying "you can't miss it".  Of course, you couldn't miss the Sombrero Eiffel Tower anyway.  Definately worth a stop.  Check out the
roadside america piece on them.

Florence, SC

Record Store-
Manifest Disc and Tape, 2805 David McLeod Blvd., Florence, SC 29501

Greenville, SC

Record Store-Manifest Disc and Tape, 148 Laurens Rd., Greenville, SC 29607

Live Music-
Spazzatorium-Hmm., so this is a hard one to pin down.  This is/was a cool gallery space/band venue with lots of DIY shows.  Currently it appears to be closed but is soon to reopen following some fundraisers.   Check the myspace.
Beaufort, SC and the low country vicinity, Including Hilton Head

Old Academy Bed and Breakfast-904 Hampton Street, Walterboro-843-549-3232-Four rooms, 65 to 85 dollars.

Edisto Island-Po Pigs Bo-b-q-2410 Highway 174 Edisto Island, SC. 843-869-9003-cafeteria style all you can eat bbq. 

Good Grits
Only locals know about Sunday brunch at Captain Guild's Café (101 Pitt St., Old Mount Pleasant; 843/884-7009; brunch for two $25). Get there before church lets out, and don't pass up the shrimp and grits with bacon cream sauce.

Mighty Fine Dining
You don't go to the Old Post Office Restaurant (1442 Hwy. 174, Edisto Island; 803/869-2339; dinner for two $60) to lick stamps. Philip Bardin serves tastier fare-- pecan-coated chicken, shrimp pâté-- that's worth writing home about.

It's easy to drive right by the Edisto Motel Restaurant (Hwy. 17, Jacksonboro; 843/893-2270; dinner  for two $30, no credit cards). This cinder-block café serves up the best fried seafood in the state.

The Shrimp Shack (Hwy. 21, St. Helena Island; 803/838-2962; dinner for two $14, no credit cards) sits across from a marina where boats unload the day's catch. So when they say "fresh off the boat," you know it's true.

Get a gooey slice of pecan pie at Kudzu Bakery (120
King St., Georgetown; 843/546-1847; pie for two $4).

Moguls Ted Turner and Joel Silver sip longneck Buds like the other good ole boys at Harold's Country Club Bar & Grill (at Peeples Service Station (Hwy. 17A, Yemassee;  843/589-4360; dinner for two $20, no credit cards), a former filling station cluttered with pool tables, pinball machines, and auto parts. Call to reserve this very unique experience.  Open only Wednesday which is hot dog day, Thursday is Pot Luck, Saturday is steak night.  A ribeye is 12 bucks.

On weekends, the same crowd heads to Pawleys Island for live
outdoor music and spicy crab cakes at Frank's Outback (10434 Ocean Hwy.; 843/237-1777).

I can't imagine what this place is like, but it seems to be the only game in town.  Of course, the website doesn't even give the address, but its two clubs, and one has live music on Friday and  Saturday.  Its called
You can also head to Charlestown and Savannah, GA.

Record Stores
Low Tide Records & Music 917 Bay Street, Beaufort, SC (843) 524-9500
Music Tek- 3 Jean Ribaut Square, Beaufort, SC (843) 525-9330

Hilton Head, SC

The Salty Dog Cafe and Inn have been featured on the Best of on the Food Network.  Caution:Dogs allowed.  South Beach, Hilton Head.

Spartanberg, SC

Live music-
All ages venue
Ground Zero-3059 Howard Street
Spartanburg SC


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