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Oklahoma Tips
Meers, Oklahoma
The Meers Store-Home of the Meersburger, made of texas longhorn beef on a 7 inch bun.  Featured on the pbs show "Hamburger America".  located on highway 115, 1 1/2 miles north of the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge. Take I-44 to Hwy 49. Travel West about 4 miles, to Hwy 58. Turn to the North for about 5 miles to the turn-off to Meers (follow the signs). Now turn to the West for 4 miles and you're there. (580) 429-8051
 Clinton, OK
Jiggs Smoke House-22203 North Frontage Road,  Clinton, OK 73601 (580) 323-5641  Gigantic specialty bbq sandwiches.  Some sliced very thinly, like the ham.  And a "pigsickle" sandwich which uses patties similar to mcribs

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Amusement Park
Frontier City- 11501 Northeast Expressway, Oklahoma City, (405) 478-2412

The following restaurants were recommended by the foodies on chowhound:
Sala Thai, on 23rd St., across from the university. "Best Thai I've ever had.  Great owners, great food, cheap, etc. Better than any Thai I've ever had in NYC, over 14 years."
Korea House, SE 29th near Air Force Base. Superb Korean food.
Classic OKC steak is Cattleman's Steakhouse down in the stockyards district.
Chelinos is a chain of tex mex restaurants that are said to be quite good.

Live Music-
Green Door, 329 E. SHERIDAN • OKC, OK.

The following listings were provided by Catherine, a friend of hipster travel.

Great Strip Club:
Red Dog Cafe-6417 NW 10th St Btwn MacArthur & Rockwell
Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City, OK 73127, 73127
Phone: (405) 789-2712
Straight out of a Quentin Taratino movie.  Huge room – at least 25 foot ceilings. Lots of fun neon everywhere, including a large flashing space ship over the main stage and white pleather tables and chairs right out of James Bond upstairs. Large spinning cage with a trapeze that several girls made good use of while I was there. Bonus: the girls there are really beautiful because they are real – not a fake boob in site and many different body types and style represented.

Best “New York” bar in OKC:
Doley’s Tower Club
Citizens Tower Building
2200 N. Classen, Lower Level
I stepped inside and felt like I was in a David Lynch movie. Mirrors on the Walls, red leather everywhere. A small band played blues and jazz while a couple in their 60’s slow danced in the corner. The place was mostly filled with fairly cool seeming 20 and 30 somethings. Super nice staff, and reasonably priced drinks.

Much less cool but I still liked it:

NW 23 & Western, across from the Gold Dome and a five minute walk from Doley’s* OKC’s answer to Rudy’s in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. Nothing fancy at all, but if you just wanta relax in a truly down home redneck bar, this is the place. I ordered four top shelf cocktails and almost tipped the waiter $8 because I didn’t understand that they were just $3 a piece. The bartender lived in Hell’s Kitchen for 15 years, so if you’re missing New York you can get a little bit of home right there

*The Gold Dome -- a giant, very gold, geometric dome which is a bank, I think. They’re trying to tear it down to build a Walgreens, sparking a local controversy and “Save the Dome” campaign.

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art
415 Couch Drive
OKC-$7 Admission

This museum isn't horrible, but it's very small. You can see everything inside in less than two hours, and it's the same sort of stuff you'd see anywhere else. HOWEVER, in the front lobby they have this insanely gorgeous three-story glass sculpture that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. You can catch a glimpse of it running down the left hand side of their website - http://www.okcmoa.com/. You can walk into the lobby free of charge and look at it, and I highly recommend at least doing that. They also have a movie theater that regularly shows art films and docs.

El Reno, Oklahoma

El Reno is home to the fried onion burger, said to be cooked in Reno since the 1900s, making it among the older hamburgers around.  A meat patty is slowly flattened into a pile of frying onions until the burger and onions are as one, a delicious carmelized meat and onion patty.  There are many places to get them here, all within a few blocks of each other, and each year they have the
el reno burger festival.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Regional Abberation-This area serves similar chili to Cincy style chili, and you can get your chili 3, 4, and 5 ways.

The Alternative weekly is

Amusement Park
Bell's Amusment Park-3900 East 21st Street, Tulsa, OK 74114 (918) 744-1991-Small family style park with great wooden coaster.

Record Store-
Mohawk Music, 6157 E.51st Place, Tulsa, OK 74135

The Ponca City airport, NW of Tulsa in Ponca City Oklahoma has the best hand-made Mexican you'll find in Oklahoma~Family run-"Real" food. A plus: a no-compromise table salsa that's deep brown & ANYTHING but standard. Packs a punch. "Enrique's" is the name. Fun plane watching too. (Pilots fly in from all over to eat there: restaurant is right in the terminal.)

In Brookside try
Weber's Root Beer and Hamburger's at least once -- Weber's is a family-owned and operated restaurant that was started in June of 1933. located in the heart of Brookside at 3817 S. Peoria the oldest and longest-running business of any kind located in Brookside.
Another big hit is Ron's Hamburgers -- it's become a chain the last few years, but it's darn good. There is one at 15th and Denver downtown.

15th Street, between Peoria and Utica, has a ton of places to eat and bars. Hideaway is the same pizza place out of Stillwater -- it's also a must if you haven't ever been before.
Doe's Eat Place-on Cherry Street, @ 1350 East 15th St. Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Steaks and tamales

Also, a must-see is the downtown Tulsa Coney Island, near 3rd or 4th and Cheyenne. 123 West 4th Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103 (a restaurant, not an attraction with chili dogs

Elmer's "It Be Bad" bbq  at 41st and Peoria in Brookside. Elmer died a couple of years back and rumor has it that no one else knew how to make the sauce... so it's not quite the same place. But it's still damn good. Get the "Badwich," which is everything on the menu on a bun.

Big Daddy's BBQ -- there's one at 46th Street North and Lewis (a long way away and not worth going to) and another at 11th and Garnett (a little easier to get to off I-244). Get the Ghetto Potato. It's like the whole menu on a potato. One of those things you have to try once.
You might want to try one of the Lebanese steakhouses in town. Jamil's might be the easiest to get to... it's west of I-44 and Harvard. Good steaks and lebanese starters come with it for free (ribs, bologna, salad).  Eastern OK has a lot of Lebanese people and they make great food.

Brownie's hamburgers-  It's not far from TU. It's located at 22nd and Harvard... approximately 1 mile South of the Renyold's Center on campus. Take one old Marine, some long-time servers, a grill, hamburger, onions, and root beer and you have yourself a place with good eats


Coney I-Lander-grilled mini-dogs, topped with Greek meat sauce, Served on steamed buns and covered with shredded cheese, such as they serve in Ohio.  Cool old joint open since 1926
2838 E 11th Street, Tulsa OK 74104

Cain's Ballroom is THE place to see concerts in Tulsa (on Main, near I-244, cainsballroom.com), and Sound Pony is a GREAT little bar that opened next to Cain's ( non-smoking)  that also has bands


Norman, OK
Anty SHanty-Vintage clothing store, art gallery, musical freak show. Located at 318 E. Main St.



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