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North Dakota

Hipster North Dakota
Every Year in ND is the Norsk Hostfest,  North America's largest Scandinavian festival


Winter in Fargo starts around September and Ends in May, so bring a jacket.  Moorhead is the sister city of Fargo across the river.

Alternative Paper-
The High Plains Reader

Record stores:
Mothers-2421 10th Street S, Moorhead

Music Venues
These venues tend to have accoustic music:
Zandbroz Variety, 420 Broadway
The Fargo Theater-314 Broadway
Atomic Coffee, 15 Fourth Street South, Moorhead
Harder acts play at these venues
Bowler's Ballroom-2630 University Drive, South-I am unclear as to whether this IS currently or just WAS a former bowling alley.  Either way, great idea for a venue.
21st Amendment-520 1st Avenue North
Kirbys-315 Main Avenue, Moorhead-with 5 dollar pitchers of Bud
Ralphs Corner-23 4th Street South, Moorhead

Regional Oddities
Fish Preserved in Lye, available at Sons of Norway-722 2nd Avenue
Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, available at Wildmans Candy store,21 8th Street South

Thrift Store-Dakota Boys Ranch-1004 4th Avenue North

Dance Club-I-Beam-1021 Center Avenue, Moorhead


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