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Nebraska Tips
The Runza!
Above, A Runza

Lincoln, Nebraska

Frank H Woods Telephone Museum
2047 M Street, Lincoln, NE 68510
(402) 436-4640

 Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha is a college town and border city.  It borders Council Bluff, Iowa, where the bars close a little later.  Last time I was there, Omaha bars closed at 1 am, while in Council Bluffs they close at 2.

Omaha is also a roadtrip town.  People there think nothing of Driving 10 hours to Chicago, or 4 hours to Kansas City, where the amusement Park
Worlds of  Fun is.

The Local weekly is the
Omaha Reader.  Also check out Omaha weekly, though their link was not active last time I checked.
Other music links:
Fast Lane Magazine-local entertainment links.
Slam Omaha-Good links on music and local art.
Wadman report on local bands.
Omaha Bands-a pretty good roundup of local stuff.
Lazy Eye-non specific local band info.

Nebraska has a local specialty aside from Meat known as the Runza.  They have all sorts of varities, but the basic and original is a roll filled with a beef, cabbage, onions and spices, sort of like a knish,  but with regular bread dough instead of pastry.  And you can find them at a chain called
Runza, with tons of locations throughout the state.
Johnnys Cafe-4702 S. 27th St.-Omaha, NE -402-731-4774-Steak, and for dessert-Turtle pie.
McKennas Blues, Booze and BBQ-7425 Pacific Street - Omaha, NE-402-393-RIBS
The last time I was in Omaha, which was over a decade ago, the best value for a steak dinner was at  Caniglia's Original 1114 S 7th St  Omaha, NE (402) 341-7778-It was one of a number of Italian Steak houses around, combining Spagetti and steak.  It was quite good, but I dont know how they are this decade.
Dixie Quicks Magnolia Room ,1915 Leavenworth St.-whole mess of comfort food with a twinge of mexican, crazy website too.
Gorat's Steak House 4917 Center St  Omaha, NE (402) 551-3733 seems to get high marks now from the locals.
Big Mamas Kitchen, 3223 North 45th Street, Turning Point Campus, Bldg A, Omaha NE 68104-old school soul food restaurant in an former school building.  They have a unique item called an afro burger which is a highly spiced Tubular beef patty dipped in bbq sauce.
Amato's - 6405 Center Street, Omaha, NE, 68016 (402) 558-5010-red sauce italian, home made sausage, featured on diners drive ins and dives, also berry ricotta pancakes!

Live music-
O'leaver's-1322 S Saddle Crick Rd-Omaha, NE, 68106
The Ranch Bowl -1606 South 72nd Street -Omaha NE 68124
Cog Factory-2224 Leavenworth St.-Omaha, NE  (404) 553-5626-Omaha's main punk rock venue.
The Music Box Live -777 Cass Street-Omaha, NE-relatively new 450 person capacity club. 
Sokol Underground at Sokol Auditorium,  2234 South 13th Street, Omaha, NE
Westfair Ampitheater-Westfair is located on Highway 6, just 2 miles east of I-80 on the East side of Council Bluffs.  Council Bluffs is just over the river from Omaha.

Record stores-
Antiquarium,1215 Harney Street, Omaha, NE 68102
Homer’s Record Stores, 13533 “I” Circle, Omaha, NE 68137


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