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Holly Eats is a great site with very comprehensive reviews and pictures of tasty food around the country.

Roadfood is the website for "Eat your way across the USA" authors, and Food Network Reporters Jane and Michael Stern.  You can also read their Postcards from across the USA on the Epicurious website.

Here is a list of locations around the country where you can find classic arcade games.

New City.com Lists links to many alternative weeklies.

This motorcycle club has great travel links!!! Plus a guide to good eating, southern style.

Ultimate Band List has links for most of your more established bands including tourdates that are not very complete from Pollstar.

Someone started a list of
burger joints on the web.

Drive Ins.com list all drive in theaters in the

Reviews of
nationwide Tiki Bars.

Sleazy Bars around the world!!!!!

This site needs a little help to grow, but it lists places open 24 hours through the country.


another guide to cool
desinations around the world

CouchSurfing -Online community based on the concept of offering a couch to visitors.

-plan your dream trip


Wish you were here travel postcards

Roadside Curiousities-Great Roadside Blog
Get a Room-Site that actually recommends you call for the best unpublished rates..

The Best Of Everything. A collection of all the best of city columns around.

Here is a
website devoted to listing Diners across the country.  More diners at Roadside.

Roadside America offers a great list of the odd and the unusual around the USA.

More Roadside Attractions here.

This one is just an odd compilation of
Interesting Things.

Agilitynuts Roadside attractions.

A great resource for food tips lies at

There is a great
online source for finding out unusual festivals throughout the country and the world.

Stuckeys, and Stuck on Stuckeys.

There is a
Canadian Equivalent to Roadside America.  They have a giant pierogi on a giant fork there.  I'm jealous.

The most amazing rollercoaster links page is

TICKETWEB for show listings around the country. 

Here is a list of
unique motels.

Worlds Best Bars

World 66

Indie Travel Guide-
done by the host of a cool London club, there are city reports by people in a bunch of other cities.

Tiki links-
Critiki and Humo Kon Tiki
and Tiki CentralCocktail Nation is a podcast and gig guide for Tiki Culture.
Heres a listing of some regional food specialties.
Check out this awesome collection of travel wipes for men and women !
Great Roads-
Lincoln Highway-the nations oldest highway.
Route 66-the great american road, also the route 66 foundation

Travel Links-
Chopped Onion-Another diner site.

Worlds Largest Things
- Giants of America.

Gadling, The Traveler's Weblog

Departures has a few good travel and food articles.

Virtual Tourist is a compilation of tips from lots of different travellers.

Hipguide is doing sort of what I am doing, but with bigger budgets for the hipsters.  However, let me say, I would not got to any of the NY bars they list.

www.worldairportguide.com -List pluses and minuses about each airport

www.airwise.com (airports, places to eat in airports)

on how long it takes to get through security at each airport

british airport authority guide to english airports

Gridskipper is a new urban blog style travel guide.

Girl Plus Boy has some good articles on clubs and restaurants around a small portion of the world.

Wcities is more for providing info for your PDA on worldwide cities, but can have some decent info.

Travelocity-Good way to find cheap airfares.  Its free and they have a service that will watch 5 fares of your choosing.  Also try Hotwire for airline deals.

Delta Airlines has an email service that will send you a list of web only specials to many destinations.  You may never know where you want to go. 

Here is a website by the
International Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus listing "official" travel sites for 1000 cities and 27 countries.  Whew.

Travelscape for hotel deals, as does quikbook which also offers user reviews of hotels even when they are bad.

Hotel Discount Network.


Openworld Hotel Reservations.

Quikbook Hotel reservations.

Epicurious, the home page of Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines has an incredible list of very american restaurants in the Wish you were here Postcards from america page.  The Sterns also have a book out which is my bible called "Eat your way across the USA"

Adventures in Rock offers tours where you work as a "roadie" on rock tours and get personalized nightlife tours of cities.

alternative dictionary has 3100 entries in 79 Languages, so you can find what you need around the world.

If you have a lot of money and only want to be at the "IN spot", visit
Room 12 for lists of upscale hotels in just a handful of cities.  Its sort of the opposite concept of our site.

What is it with these crappy named sites?  First Room 12, and now
Site59 (I guess site1 to 58 were taken).  It is kind of a good idea, a travel agency with concept vacations and some in town activities.  It seems to be sort of New York centric though.

Coaster Info here-

Useful Travel Gadgets-
Magellans.  They sell things like a/c converters for overseas use.
LL Bean.-travel and camping goods
Travelsmith-clothes for smart packing
Travel Medicine. Travel medical goods
Forget to buy a gift?  Fedex
faux souveniers.
Seatguru offers reviews of your airline seat.

Whats on When features festivals from around the world, as does Festivals.com.
Time Outs main site has some great listings from a ton of Countries.
Tickets.com, Ticketmaster and Keith Prowse sell tickets for concerts throughout Europe.
Record Store Review lists all kinds of hip record stores around the world.  Checking the local record store is a great way to find out cool things to do if you are visiting any city.

Discount European Airlines-
Sometimes its best to just get the cheapest ticket to Europe you can find and use these airlines/resources
Air Portugal-Not the only way to get cheaply to Portugal.
Europe by air-lots of routes-99 us dollars each leg
Monarch Airlines-Flights from England to all of the Meditaranian coast.
Ryan Air-mostly originating from England.  So cheap you will think its a scam.  Like fares from 99 pence.  Wha?

Street Food from around the world.

You're never going to go there.  Ever.
List of
Defunct Amusement Parks.  It makes me cry.
New Jerseys lost
Palasaides Park.
New York had a USA shaped park bigger than Disney called
Freedomland.  This site is incredible.
lost Disney Attractions.
Darkrides are a dying breed. 
Heres where you can visit the ones still hanging on.
Lost America shows pics of places you can never see again.
Explored visits recently abandoned places that you can't go to.

Other Cool Links-
Candy from around the World.
Stupid gifts from
Wikipedia free online encyclopedia.

Haiku movie Reviews.

Scene Points-venue guide

Chronicle of remaining
spudnut shops in the USA.  Spudnuts are donuts made with potato flour.

Remaining and memories of
HOJO restaurants

Candy sites that have nothing really to do with travel.
Ferrara Pan, Makers of Lemonheads, red hots, boston baked beans and more.
Goo Goo Cluster
Just Born, Makers of Mike and Ike and Peeps
New England Confectionary Company, aka
Necco-they have a store in Revere, MA, if you are in the area.
Favorite Band Links
The following are links of Hipster Travel Favorite bands

Dressy Bessy
-While in the Denver area, keep an eye out for gigs from this power pop band, featuring the guitarist from the Apples in Stereo.
Ursula 1000-When in the NYC area, check out this DJs weekly sets.


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