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Connecticut Tips
Bolderdash Rollercoast at Lake Compounce in Bristol.
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New Haven, CT
Home of Yale University, New Haven has a similar appearance to Boston.  Lots and lots of brick.  In Lighthouse State Park, you will find a cool antique freestanding Carousel.  Rides run 50 cents.
A famous landmark near Yale is
Louis Lunch.  Its at 261-263 Crown St, New Haven, CT 06511. Phone: 203-562-5507.  They only have beef hamburgers which they serve on toast.  They don't have ketchup, mustard or mayo.  A "works" burger has onion, tomato and a dab of cheese spread.  It may sound wierd, but it was amazing.  I had two of them. 
Pizza-brick oven style, said by some to be better than NY.Frank Pepes-157 Wooster Street, New Haven, CT 203-865-5762
Yankee Doodle Sandwich Shop-258 Elm St, New Haven, CT-get a  Yankee Doodle Pig in a Blanket. A  Hot Dog stuffed with melted cheese, wrapped in bacon and covered with barbecue sauce served with a small paper cup of hot relish.
Around the Yale area are tons of bars and clubs too.

Record Store-
Cutler's-33 Broadway, New Haven, CT 203-777-6271

Local Alternative Paper-
The New Haven Advocate.

Toads Place-300 York Street, New Haven-dance and band club with great bands like the Tubes.
Tune In Cafe-29 CENTER ST, NEW HAVEN, CT-(203) 772-4310 or (203) 865-9371-venue for touring indie acts.
Bristol, CT
Bristol is known for being the home of Espn and its many networks, but it has a few other attractions as well.  It is home to a wonderful carousel museum at 95 Riverside Avenue, Route 72, (860) 585-5411. 
It is also home to Lake Compounce, the longest continually operating amusement park in the country.  Family owned for over 140 years, it is now in the process of growing into a more traditional park.  They have a great old coaster, the wildcat, and now have added an amazing new coaster called Boulder Dash which takes advantage of the terrain and rides across a mountain on park property.  They also have a skyride that is really a ski lift that takes a half hour to complete, and a ride called coast hunt which is a combination haunted house/shooting gallery.  We highly recommend the park, but realize that it is no Six Flags park, but it is a nice place to spend a day.
Bridgeport, CT

Record Store-
Secret Sounds-3008 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT 203-367-1111


Cheshire, CT
Blackie's Hot Dog Stand, 2200 Waterbury Road
Cheshire, CT 06410, 203.699.1819   Closed on Fridays all year round
Open Daily January through March: 11am-7pm
April through December: 11am-8pm
Open since 1928, they do not serve French fries and are closed on Fridays. THey have birch beer on tap and cartons of chocolate milk. The Blackie’s dog is smothered in their homemade hot pepper relish and spicy mustard.

Danbury, CT
Record Stores-
Trash American Style, 12 Mill Plane Rd., Danbury, CT 06811

Live Music-
Tuxedo Junction-2 Ives Street, Danbury, CT-Awful name but books some good shows.
Fairfield, CT
Rawley's Drive-In:Hot dog Stand in an old house.  Dogs and shakes, dogs are deep fried and one of the toppings on the "all the way" is deep fried bacon.
Rawley's Drive-In: 1886 Post Rd, Fairfield CT.  Holly ate here.
Hartford, CT
Bushnell Park off I-84 Between Elm and Jewell Street next to the State Capitol Building is home to an antique Carousel maintained by the Carousel Museum in Bristol.  50 Cents per ride.

Live music-
Webster Theatre -31 Webster Street ,Hartford CT 06114 -860.246.8001

Local Alternative Paper
The Hartford Advocate.

Real ARTways-theater,gallery, cinema.  56 Arbor St. Hartford-860-232-1006

Manchester, CT (Hartford metro area)
Equator-841 Main Street-Manchester, CT-860-646-2895-Coffee shop-music venue

Meriden, CT

Eats-A regional specialty around here is the Steamed Cheeseburger and nobody does it better than
Teds.  Caution.  They have wierd hours so call ahead. 1044 Broad St. Meriden, CT (203)237-6660

Middletown, CT

O'Rourke Diner-728 Main Street, Middletown, CT, (860) 346-6101-Gourmet Diner with crazy hashes and more, plus a great version of the local CT only favorite, the Steamed Cheeseburger.  Crazy Hours, call first.  Closed Sunday.

Newtown, CT

Eats-Botsford Drive-In -
282 S. Main St., Route 25, Newtown, CT Home of the King dog with mustard, relish, and sauerkraut, , onion, bacon, cheese, and chili.

Norwich, CT
OLDE TYMES-360 West Main St., Norwich, CT (860) 887-6865-Get this: they have something called a Rodney Burger that is a hamburger, battered and deep fried.  Also southern style food like biscuits and sausage gravy.
Waterbury, CT
This town is a 14 dollar train ride from NYC via Metro North trains.  Its not a very big town, but has some cool New England Architecture.  There doesn't seem a whole lot to do there, but I happened to run across the best of listing from the Waterbury Observer, their "alternative weekly" which has NO LISTINGS for bars and clubs except for Berrys Emerald Pub, 894 Bank Street "located behind the 2nd Precinct" which is not exactly where I would want to spend my time getting trashed.  If you don't mind that the number is 203-574-4229.
They also list the Old Corner Cafe at 178 North Main Street in Union City (203-729-8087) as the Best Neighborhood Bar and Best Beer Selection, but I am not familiar where that is in relation to Waterbury.
Carmen ANthony Steakhouse was voted best restaurant, steakhouse, seafood, and american restaurant in greater Waterbury.  Its at 496 Chase Avenue in Waterbury (203-757-3040).  You can check their website for details.
Waterbury is also the home to two of the famous
Nardellis Sandwich shops at 540 Plank Road, Waterbury, CT 06705 (203) 754-5600,  and 515 Watertown Ave Waterbury, CT 06708 (203) 753-7400 famous for their italian sandwiches

Record Store-
Brass City Records, 489 Meadow St, Waterbury, CT 06702


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