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New York Guide

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New York City has an amazing range of food.  From Albanian to Ukrainian, we have it all.  We have cuisines you may have never even heard of.  Here are some of our favorite restaurants and food purveyors:
Fairway Market Cafe-74th street and Broadway.  Features a $34 3 course prix fix.

Dinosaur Bar B Que700 West 125th Street  New York, NY 10027.  Theres a Park Slope location but its not nearly as good as the Harlem one. (212) 694-1777-I’ve eaten and lots of bbq joints and this is my favorite,  If you are two people get the sweetheart special, a full rack of ribs and 4 sides.  Don’t miss dessert.
Amy Ruth’s-113 W 116th St(between Lenox Ave & Adam C Powell Blvd)
New York, NY 10026 (212) 280-8779 I have to admit, I have not been to this soul food joint yet, but I plan to go to try their Honey Dipped Fried Chicken which is studded with Chili Flakes and made with Honey from their rooftop hives
Midtown Lunch keeps taps on all the decent and under ten buck joints to eat.
Artisanal has a 100 cheese fondue as a frequent special.  The 30 dollar petite is enough for four. 2 Park Avenue 212-725-8585
Biricchino -260 W 29th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues  – 212-695-6690, this italian restaurant has a retail outlet selling homemade sausage.  You can get a sausage sampler at the restaurant.
Pam Real Thai Food-Incredible Thai, Incredibly cheap.  Try the Pad Keo Mao or the Pad Prik King-404 West 49th St  at 9th Avenue. New York NY (212) 333-7500
Woorijip-12 W 32nd St, New York 10001 Between 5th Ave & Broadway -24/7-  This place is confusing, but there is a noodle bar and a hot food bar where you can get yummy korean food for cheap.
East Village
Black Iron Burger-540 E 5th St, New York, NY 10009 (212) 677-6067 Home of the 2nd favorite burger of the east village burger club.
Crif Dogs -113 Saint Marks Place-standing room only-They do a take on the Rutts Hut Hot Dog from NJ and the Sonoran Dog from AZ, which is a bacon wrapped dog.  Contains a hidden bar called Please don’t tell.
Cucina Di Pesce -Italian, Seafood, 87 E 4th St,   New York Btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave.  In a land of 25 dollar entrees, CDP somehow manages to keep prices down.  Most dishes are great, including their steak.  Don’t go without getting the stuffed mushrooms, which are the best cheesy shrooms I have ever had.  Reasonable bottles of wine, awesome desserts.  All dishes come with a side of red sauce linguine or Garlic and Oil.  Get the garlic and oil for sure.   
Hot Kitchen-Best Chinese in the East Village.  Upper East Side Location too.  Amazing Lunch Special.  I recommend the twice cooked pork with pork belly or Dry Sauteed string beans.
Katz’ Deli

MAX51 Ave B New York-unique italian food, with a very homey taste.  Their Lasagna is like no other I have tasted. ed-moved to Tribeca.
Mighty Quinns BBQ-103 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003 (212) 677-3733 and other locations.  Good reasonable bbq. Splurge on a giant brontosaurus rib which feeds two.
Mikey’s 134 Ludlow St-counter only burger joint with awesome burgers that use corned beef instead of bacon, though you can get bacon.  CHEAP
PYLOS-128 East 7th Street (between Avenue A and First Avenue) Telephone, 212 473.0220- Greek restaurant where many dishes are served in Casaroles.
This little piggy had roast beef-149 1st Avenue at 9th Street-Standing only-This place serves three menu items, two are roast beef sandwiches with gravy and the other is a quite good, but way smaller and cheaper pastrami sandwich.  Yum.

Two Boots Pizza.. Its my favorite pizza, and an empire of video stores, theaters and both fast food and sit down restauants.  37 AVE A at 2nd Street and many others.  Its cajun style, with normal toppings as well as odd things like crawfish and andouille sausage.
The Mermaid Inn-96 2nd Avenue-Theres not too many seafood places in NYC and most of them aren’t cheap.  This one tops out at $25 dollars but most of the plates are cheaper than that.
Zaragoza mexican grocery-This place is scary and intimidating, but worth it.  On Avenue A between 13 and 14 street, you step into this hole in the wall, right to the counter.  Ask the counterperson what they have today and they will open up this mini steamtable and say “today we have lamb, goat, pork, chicken, etc”  Pick your meat, get two dollar tacos or a five dollar burrito, a mexican soda and eat there or walk down to Thompkins Square park.  You can also find many varieties of peppers for your own homemade fiesta.
the Meat Ball shop-84 Stanton St, Manhattan, NY 10002 and other locations-small, slightly too fancy but cheap place that makes 5 kinds of meat balls with your choice of five sauces.  Not too pricey on glasses of wine either.
Kikis-130 Division St, New York, NY 10002 Greek food
The SKINnY Bar & Lounge-174 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002 (212) 228-3668 has a patty melt called the fat cheese that once was my favorite burger in the East Village.
Zucco: Le French Diner, 188 Orchard St, just south of houston, New York, NY 10002-tiny cute cheap french food.
Shopsin’s General Store-Now in the Essex St Market, Essex and Delancey ST.  -Old Fashioned lunch counter with Funky Menu.  Cant take parties of more than 4.
West Village & Chelsea
Grand Sichuan-24th Street and 9th Avenue.  If you come here after 6:30, it will take forever, but this is the best Chinese in NYC.  Recommeded dishes, Wontons in Red Oil, Shrimp in Garlic Sauce, Dry Sauteed String Beans and Pork, Orange Beef, Soup Dumplings.  Caution, can be too spicy!
Spice8th avenue between 20th and 21st Street and other locations.  Very good chain restaurant.  They have these great,  crab and shrimp fritters.  Everything on the menu is decent and they have a cheap lunch special with an appetizer and entree for 8 bucks.
Mariebelle-Pricey Chocolate Shop with sexy cafe with regular and mexican hot chocolate.  Taking a date here will guarantee second base-484 Broome St
Ruby’s Cafe-Teeny Tine Australian Restaurant, cash-only with really good burgers- 219 Mulberry St , New York, NY 10012
Good Chinese Food is suprising tough to find in NYC.  Citysearch has a pretty good overview of chinese restaurants here.
For Dim Sum, Recommended are-
Ping’s –
22 Mott St New York NY (212) 602-9988 for dim sum on carts..or…..
Dim Sum Go Go –5 E Broadway New York NY (212) 732-0796 for dim sum served a la carte all day.  Always fresh. *note-reviews of late have been sketchy
NYCs only dessert restaurant-CHIKALICIOUS-203 East 10th Street, New York, NY Closed Monday – Tuesday Located between 2nd and 1st Avenues, close to the Astor Place subway station
Cheap Snacks, etc-
· MANDOO BAR, 2 W. 32nd St., 212-279-3075 -Korean Dumpling House where they serve you kimchee radish and pickled radish as part of the meal.
Mark Burger-Mini Sliders.  Mmmm. 33 St Marks Place
Interesting Stores-
Aji Ichiban-167 Hester Street, 37 Mott Street, 153A Centre Street, 188 Lafayette Street, 23 East Broadway, New York, -Japanese candy shop where you buy things by the pound.  Can get pricey, but its excellent.
Buonitalia-75 9th Avenue at 15th street, New York, NY  212-633-9090-italian specialty food shop in Chelsea rather than the normal Little Italy. in Chelsea market.
East Village Cheese-This cash only store at 10th Street and 3rd Avenue has the best prices on cheese and olives around!
Li-lac chocolates-120 Christopher Street bet Bleeker and Hudson-Chocolate shop from 1923

Minamota Kitchoan-608 5th avenue at 49th Street-sells Wagashi, japanese cakes that have bean paste, rice or potato flower.  Very amazing wrapping.
Myer’s of Keswick   634 Hudson Street   (between Horatio and Jane St.’s)    New York NY . 212 691 4194-Here is where you take your friend to make fun of products like spotted dick.
Schaller & Weber -1654 Second Avenue @ 86th Street, New York, (212) 879-3047-amazing chocolate and smoked meat