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Above: Wilmington, Delaware


Newark, Delaware

Record Stores
Bert’s Newark, 90 E. Main St., Newark, DE 19711

New Castle, DE

Eats-Hadfield’s Seafood -192 North DuPont Highway-Route 13, New Castle, DE.  Sort of like a Boston Market for Seafood. Whole prepared meals that you can eat on your way to Baltimore or DC.  And they have a giant crab on the door worthy of roadside america.  You can take a picture and send it via email to all your friends with a “I got crabs in Delaware” headline

Smyrna, DE

Eats-Helen’s Sausage House -Route 13, DuPont Highway at Black Diamond Rd. Smyrna, DE 302-653-4200-This is a very untypical thing in this region.  Sausage sandwiches with peppers and onions for breakfast, or pork chop sandwiches for lunch.

Wilmington, DE

Charcoal Pit-2600 Concord Pike, Route 202, Wilmington, DE, classic burger, fry and Malts place which some argue is the best burger in america.

Live Music-
Big Kahuna-550 South Madison Street, Wilmington, DE
Kelly’s Logan House-1701 Deleware Avenue, Wilmington, DE  (302) 655-6426

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