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Fjords Smorg-ette and Sweden House

Vintage Postcard for Fjords Smorgette

Before all of America was fat, and perhaps influenced by Abba, but probably not, there was a Swedish explosion in America.  In South Florida, where I grew up, we had Sweden House.  Everyone was going overboard for Smörgåsbord.  I cannot recall if I actually ever ate at one, but I definately passed them.   

Recently I ran across the top postcard for Fjords Smorg-ette.  Clearly on the West coast they knew those blurpin Californians would not get on bord with such a long name.  

If I recall correctly, Sweden House restaurants ran all the way up the East Coast.  A quick search of Fjords yielded only a sole vacant location with a facebook page.  If you have time, you should search youtube for Sweden House commercials.  They are 70s perfection.  I wonder what caused the Smorgas-armageddon?  Though we still have places like Golden Corral, they just don't seem to have the same charm.

Sweden House at Ultraswank.

Sweden House at My Florida History

Fjords Facebook Page.

Manolo-Miami Beach (not the shoes)

Theres an Argentinian Churro joint I enjoy visiting in the North Beach area of Miami Beach called Manolo.  I liken it to an Argentinian Dennys and I thought it was a huge chain.  Turns out there are only a handful of them.  I love these Tin Plate sandwiches, lightly toasted crustless sammies with things like olives and ham.  I've not had the placemat recommended bacon pizza.  The desserts are phenomenal or should I say FLANnomeneal!


Mario the Bakers-one of two reasons to visit Miami

One of the few things that makes me keep my sanity when I visit home in Miami, Mario the bakers used to have a classic stand alone restaurant on the West Dixie Highway, but has now moved to US1.  The Garlic Rolls, perhaps the best in the Universe remain Amazing, but now its in a shopping Mall.  Progress



We are in the process of moving the old site to a fancy WordPress site!

Trashy Travel was started in the late 90s as Hipster Travel when it was hard to pick out the noise on the internet to find the few select things that we like to do when we visit anywhere.  During the great hipster backlash of the mid 00’s it became apparent that a name change was in order.  Despite the dictionary defining hipster as “a person who keeps up with all the latest happenings, particularly in modern jazz”, the disdain for a new type bearing this moniker has been made known, even from folks suspiciously sporting Goatees and trucker hats.  We won’t argue, thus we bring you Trashy Travel: A select collection of travel tips and links for the unconventional traveler.   

We Like:
  • Rockabilly and Psychobilly
  • Garage Rock and Mod culture
  • Punk Rock
  • A select amount of Indie rock, but nothing with too much pouting.
  • Thrift Stores
  • Roadside Architecture
  • Amusement Parks
  • Drive In Theaters
  • Food that is commonly referred to as “Roadfood” made popular by the book and site of the same name and further explored in “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” type programming
  • Places that are “time capsules”-such as Knoebels Amusement Park in PA, Katz’ Deli in New York City and more.
  • Unusual Museums, such as the Spam Museum, or the Mutter Museum
  • Places that are so uncool they become cool again.  The tacky, trashy and just plain wrong.
Due to the downfall of geocities, which hosted the original site, we are currently in a state of rebuilding.  There are many outdated links and party culture is hard to keep up with when you are a small operation.  There are still unformatted pages and unchanged photos.  With your help, we hope to get everything more current, and eventually, more navigable.  The main thing about this site, is that is it a collection of places that WE want to visit when we travel, and hope you find them interesting as well.  Its just a list, and like all lists, you may find some things out of date, but it is a good starting point.

Trashy Travels!